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17 Rules for Success - Rule #5

Reasons and Results. Only be interested in results. Hope is not a strategy. Need is not a reason.

As we celebrate the holidays, I always remember the New Year is ahead. Many of us will generate our goals for 2017 in the coming weeks. Often those goals are not fulfilled. If we look at life through the reasons of why we were unable to accomplish our goals, we are able to improve on the results by applying the Rule of RUMBA. Your goals have to be Realistic, Understandable, Measurable, Believable, and Attainable. Set yourself up for success and aim for the moon, but consider the clouds a success.

Also, embrace CNEI, Constant Never-Ending Improvement. The results always take longer than planned. Rejoice in the improvement and give yourself a reward for your efforts. ALWAYS look at the results as a testament to your success; a win is a win!

Attaining your goals requires hard work, preparation and execution. Never give up, never surrender! Do not allow the naysayers and the majority of your friends, whose self-talk is 87 percent negative, to influence you. When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from someone who has not left home. I have found that the best way to execute on your goals is to create an MIT (Most Important Things) list every day, for the next day. That way your time will be better utilized. Create a daily goal, a weekly goal, a monthly goal and a quarterly goal. Review your strategy every day.

Need is not a reason. Success will never be obtained when you attempt it through a place of lack. Your subconscious mind is your greatest tool and also your greatest enemy. If you think negatively, you will get negative results. If you think positively, you will get positive results.

You become what you think about. Thoughts are matter. Control your mind, or it will control you. Be in a constant state of gratitude, and the universe will provide.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous holiday season, and all the abundance you desire.

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