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My 17 Rules for Success

Thirty years ago, I was fundraising for The Phoenix Symphony, and I had the amazing opportunity to work with John Teets, Chairman of Dial Corporation. John was a never-ending inspiration to me, and his words of wisdom are words I live by today. Honestly, there isn’t a day I don’t say something that I first heard from John. Until his death, we had regular lunches, and he was literally the first one I would call when I wanted to hear the voice of my mentor. I miss him greatly, and honor him by keeping alive a concept that he taught me.

He advised me to talk to everyone I know and ask them for the best advice they’ve ever received. For three decades, I have been collecting pearls from thought leaders and friends on how to be your best and achieve success. I’ve called it my 17 Rules for Success because I love the number 17. When I meet people on a plane or at a restaurant, or new clients I have the pleasure of meeting at the salon, or we host events, I am always excited to share my 17 Rules for Success.

If I had to say how many people I’ve sent this to, I know I’ve sent this out well more than 10,000 times. I truly live by these words, and I hope they inspire you as they have inspired me.

Therefore, I’ve made a commitment to break them down into 17 blogs, each containing a more detailed explanation of one of my 17 Rules for Success.

Thank you to my friends and mentors who have inspired me throughout the years and shared their pearls of wisdom.

Stay tuned.

Please share your comments, and above all else, please share with me “The Best Advice YOU have ever received.” I may be updating my rules…

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