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17 Rules for Success - Rule #4

An obstacle is what you see when you take your eyes off the target. When fear knocks and faith answers, there is no one there.

Whatever the mind can perceive, the mind can achieve. One of the greatest books ever written is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I have personally read the book 17 times, and I have the audio version on my phone. I always listen to audiobooks while in my car and when traveling in search of the finest gemstones in the world. We are all co-creators of our destiny. Our subconscious mind is equivalent to an elephant, and our conscious mind is equivalent to an ant. The ant is riding the elephant, and the only way that the ant can control the elephant is by creating tremendous emotional value to accomplish the task.

Phobias are very powerful because of the tremendous emotional experience that a person had during his/her lifetime. To overcome obstacles, you must always be committed to your goals and have definite purpose for the one thing that you want to accomplish. Attitude, motivation and commitment is just the beginning. You have no limitations when you focus, because your subconscious mind will be the creator of whatever you focus on.

Often when a driver loses control of his car, and there is a tree in his path, the common action is to say to himself, “Don’t hit that tree. Don’t hit that tree. Don’t hit that tree.” The subconscious mind assumes that because the driver is so focused on the tree that he wants to hit the tree, and the mind provides that outcome.

Fear knocks at our door often. We create our own False Evidence Appearing Real. My favorite way to overcome fear is to say to myself, “I’d rather be a member of the ‘I shouldn’t have club’ than to be member of the ‘I should have club’.”

I asked a great mentor of mine, Karl Eller, what was his key to success? Mr. Eller responded quickly and said, “Making the right decisions.” So I asked asked, “How do you make the right decisions?” His response: “By making the wrong decisions and learning from them.”

There are no limits in this world. My great friend for many years, Paul Harvey, said it best: “We are all in the testing time.” When the pioneers went west, they had no guarantees, no insurance, no governmental support. They lived by a simple motto: “I BELIEVE IN GOD, I BELIEVE IN MY COUNTRY, AND I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.”

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