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17 Rules for Success - Rule #2

No one searches for something better unless a door closes. Sometimes God interrupts our plans because his plans are better than ours!

When one doors closes, another one opens. For us to improve ourselves as individuals, we have to endure adversity, and in adversity is where our higher self is discovered. They’ve never made an inspiring movie about someone who didn’t have adversity.

Sometimes it is very common for humans to drift. It’s in that drifting that we become complacent. Those obstacles and challenges are sometimes the greatest gifts we receive. By having to overcome those challenges, we become a strong person.

I have so much respect for the U.S. Marines and the Marine mottos is: “Adapt, improvise and overcome.”

Sometimes when something doesn’t go our way, we can be disappointed, and I have learned that accepting when things don’t go my way is making way for things to happen in a better way later.

Sometimes we focus on what we want, but God finds a better path for us. I have lived this for many years. Years ago, I wanted an office in a specific building, and I was in a process of signing a lease when someone came in and took a larger space. I lost that location, but I found a far more romantic and exclusive location than what I was originally about to sign a lease on. It turned out better because I did not get what I wanted. God interrupts our plan because his plans are better.

You have to believe that everything happens for a good reason. Sometimes our greatest challenges are our greatest gifts. Don’t let it get you down. Don’t let it interrupt your energy level.

There is always a good reason for things to not work out. And there is always a reason to be grateful for the challenges in our life, because they make us better.

It is not what you have. It is the value you give it.

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