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17 Rules for Success - Rule #1

AMC: Attitude, Motivation and Commitment. PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Attitude determines your altitude. You can’t get happiness; you have to make happiness.

ATTITUDE is everything. We determine what is good and what is bad by how we chose to perceive everything. We create our own reality. If we think something is good, it’s good. If we feel we are going to be successful, we will be. If we perceive that the best outcome will ensure, it will.

Every day, I remind myself to keep my thoughts positive. I will achieve what I can perceive. Combine a PMA, positive mental attitude, with my three life philosophies, and that has been my formula for success, mostly that everything happens for a good reason. I have to trust that.

Attitude determines altitude, meaning that the better your attitude, the greater opportunity you have for success. Every morning when you awaken, you make the decision as to what kind of day you are going to have. Then you have to create a positive shield to protect you from any negativity. Make an imaginary energy filed around yourself and tell yourself that no one and nothing will pierce that shield. You can’t have happiness; you have to make happiness.

We are all co-creators of the universe. You must put yourself in a position where you have already created and succeeded in your greatest desires and greatest goals. Put yourself in that energy that you are already there, that you have already succeeded. The universe is like a mirror. If you believe you can’t fail, then the universe returns that to you, and it empowers you to have the MOTIVATION to achieve it. If you believe you are going to fail, then failure is a certainty.

And when it comes to motivation, you need to be motivated like the pig, not the chicken, when it comes to bacon and eggs. You can’t live in fear. Act as if you have already accomplished the task. Always put yourself in a position to be motivated to create success.

COMMITMENT is all about sticking to it. Imagine you are the captain of a ship. Life is that rolling ocean with still waters and waves. Those waves are challenges that are coming your way, and sometimes you don’t know how big they are until they are on you. Challenges can take you off course. As the captain, you always have to be ready to correct your course every day. Always adapt, improvise and overcome. It’s not about the turbulent seas, it’s about how you navigate them and guide yourself into calmer waters once again.

I thank Peter Thomas for the acronym AMC, and honor how it helped him build his business at Century 21 Canada and how it has helped to build mine.

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