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Nothing compares to the magnificent, custom-designed masterpieces from Molina Fine Jewelers.

We are dedicated to acquiring only the finest of gemstones that meet the strict standards of

our chairman who demands the pinnacle of quality, color and beauty to carry the Molina name.


Our award-winning design studio represents more than 150 years of design experience, and

each master craftsman brings their own creative genius and unique gift for finding dramatic,

evocative and intriguing ways to showcase diamonds, gemstones and precious materials.


Each design is crafted with Old World techniques that are now considered a lost art,

alongside state-of-the-art processes that work synergistically to create a final masterpiece

that is truly magnificent from every perspective. Each one-of-a-kind treasure is a

pinnacle of breathtaking perfection and designed to be truly Unforgettable.


Temple of the Sacred Heart.jpg

2011 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Platinum Honors "Classical"

Temple of the Sacred Heart Ring

16.08 yellow dia ring side.jpg

2009 Arizona Jewelers Association

First Place

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring


2008 JCK Jewelers Choice Awards


Diamond & Sapphire Bracelet

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