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With more than 380 years of history, The House of Molina exemplifies passion, perfection

and excellence with a time-honored, Old World tradition of service, craftsmanship and dedication

to excellence that echoes Molina’s 17th Century Milan heritage. Completing this circle of passion

and perfection is a deeply personal and unparalleled commitment to philanthropy.



The Molina Tradition began during the Golden Age of the Italian

Renaissance when José Molina established ateliers in Milan. He was

a master silversmith and jeweler. His magnificent craftsmanship

was coveted and his uncompromising discretion was welcomed

in Europe's circles of nobility and influence.


Today, this eleventh generation jeweler Alfredo J. Molina continues

this tradition of excellence. Molina has combined the vast knowledge passed down from generation to generation with formal training to become one

of leading gemologists in the world with an unparalleled reputation

among discriminating connoisseurs from around the globe.


He proudly launched Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix in 1987. Today, the House of Molina stands as a hallmark of excellence in the world of fine jewelry.

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