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Just as it takes team effort to win a championship game, it took the same kind of team effort to create the elaborate Fiesta Bowl trophy that stands 46 inches tall and weighs over 200 pounds. Logging in more than 2,400 hours, the master jewelers and craftsmen of Molina Fine Jewelers Design Studio hand-crafted and assembled the intricate parts of the trophy with 2,400 diamonds with a total weight of 50 carats, 5 shades of 18kt gold, jewelers enamel, sterling silver, lapis and hand-carved marble.


Fiesta Bowl Trophy.jpg

The trophy design incorporates many symbols that showcase the athletic agility and strong spirit of the game.


The base floor has an inlay compass with the four cardinal directions spot lit, signifying the path the players take in the game and in life. Hand carved sterling silver linemen are the backbone of the team supporting the trophy and the sterling silver players at the top are guarding the ball. The diamond-encrusted football is fully removable from the trophy and has an internal power source that keeps the football illuminated even when removed.

The dome is a lotus flower which symbolizes the purity, strength,

power, and heart of the victors. Inscribed in a golden curtain below the dome is the ancient Greek word "Nivkh" - The Goddess of Victory.

The center column is lapis with layers of carved gold depicting an Arizona sunset. The trophy is internally lit with LED illumination through the landscape, dome, Fiesta Bowl logo, and the diamonds.

This trophy was created by 12 craftsmen and celebrates the athlete's remarkable dedication and pursuit of personal best and attaining championship status.

The Fiesta Bowl Trophy created by Molina Fine Jewelers now resides at the Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum for everyone to enjoy. The museum is located at 7135 East Camelback Road, #190, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

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