Molina Fine Jewelers

The Molina Legacy

With more than 379 years of history, The House of Molina exemplifies passion and perfection. Throughout history, Molina has represented a time-honored, old-world tradition of service, craftsmanship, and dedication to excellence that echoes their 17th century Milan heritage. Completing this circle of passion and perfection is a deeply personal and unparalleled commitment to philanthropy. Rare. Refined. Radiant.


It takes more than precious gemstones to make legendary designs. Each valued craftsman has their own creative genius and unique gift for finding dramatic, evocative, and intriguing ways to showcase precious materials. As a team, Molina's Design Studio works harmoniously and synergistically, by using each craftsman's talents to bring a design to it's highest pinnacle of perfection. There is a relentless dedication to acquiring only the finest of gemstones, as evidenced by the fact that only 3 out of every 100 gemstones inspected meets their strict standards for quality and beauty to carry the Molina name.

With our master craftsmen, the Design Studio not only demonstrates masterful goldsmith skills, but also a sense of design that is truly inspired. The most striking aspect of each design is the degree to which each piece is crafted using old world techniques that are now considered a lost art, alongside state-of-the-art equipment, the finished adornments are magnificent from any perspective. Their passion for excellence is evident at every turn.


Every aspect of the House of Molina has been carefully orchestrated to provide you, the connoisseur of excellence, with a rare and refined experience. Molina's philosophy ensures you the utmost of privacy, confidentiality and personalized attention. To tell more concerning a visit to the House of Molina would only deprive you of the unique experience of visiting the salon personally. The Salon is by appointment only. No appointment is necessary in the Boutique.

To put it simply, Molina is Unforgettable.